Tuesday, September 21, 2021

2016 Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe Sunrise

Copyright Kevin Torres 2016

 I began the drive to Tahoe the day after attending the wedding of my best friend from High School.  The wedding was in Geyserville, CA in the wine country.  I decided to head up to the mountains, find a great trail to off road in my Tacoma, then wake up at about 2am to try to get some star-trail photos over Emerald Bay.  My music was loud, Taco tires humming through Sacramento and up the hill; it was a fine drive. 

I ended up bouncing over boulders in 4x4 low with no spotter on the Rubicon trail.  Genius.  However.  I did find a wonderful spot to pull off and set up camp.  Locked myself into the camper shell covered bed, (hoping no bears considered me a midnight snack challenge) and I was soon drifting off, letting the previous evening's wine fog lift off the vineyard of my mind.  I woke up on time at 2am, still foggy but determined to get the shot.  I bounced back down the Rubicon trail boulder path, past vanlifers who definitely thought me crazy, and back onto the highway.

I got set up in short order, set my Canon EOS 5D Mark II to bulb, set the lock on the remote switch, and laid back on the granite, listening to nearby coyote and the occasional owl.  It was one of the most peaceful evenings I've spent alone.

Unfortunately.  Technical difficulties ensued.

I soon found that I used the same CF card for the night shot as I had for the previous day's wedding.  The card had been corrupted during the bulb shot somehow.  I was unable to read anything on the card, and I was devastated as I had hoped to share a ton of great photos with my friend from his big day.  With a heavy heart, I waited another couple of hours on the cool granite, biding my time until the golden morning sun made his appearance.  These shots are what came next.  Quality reduced for blogging display.  Enjoy your day, keep Tahoe blue.


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